Boxing Day at Harrods

Today is the Boxing Day. I did not make it to a 6 am start of sales today mainly due to the lack of motivation: I have lived in London for nearly seven years now, and I did not participate in the Sale Frenzy once.  Most of the time I am an observant, capturing the moment with my camera – and hiding behind it.

This morning looked very promising in terms of weather – no rain for a change! – so I packed my camera bag and took a bus to Knightsbridge to have a look at the start of the famous Harrods sale (no intention to buy anything).

The smaller streets of London looked very empty from the upper deck of the bus, and most of the shops and local businesses were closed. The bus made its way easily to my destination, as there was virtually no traffic – a nice change as well! Very quickly it became obvious where all the people were congregated – Harrods!


Brompton Street was fairly crowded, although it was not as bad as I expected.



I even got to see some of the Cirque Du Soleil performance in the distance – it was a short 15-minute act with lots of very loud singing.



This opening marked the 25th anniversary of the special Harrods Sale. I am not sure what is so special about it, but it was interesting to observe.


I went inside, too. It all looked more or less civilised. Maybe because I went into a quieter part where there were no queues in the first place.




My strongest impression though was of Anti-Fur protesters who kept screaming at the top of their lungs: Shame on Harrods!


The protesters held posters invoking shoppers to boycott Harrods until it stops selling fur. Fur farming is no longer legal in the UK, however some stores till import fur from countries where such practices are legal. Policemen stood silently beside them not showing much interest. Obviously, no one was breaking any rules.


Overall, I was pleased to remain an observer and not participate in this frenzy. It felt great.

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  1. Hi Marina,

    Great to read your blogs and see your wonderful pictures! I visited Harrods last June and the biggest surprise for me was the pets’ department with cupcakes and chocolate for doggies! Great stuff!

    Keep up the good work girl!


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